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Staring Orpiv was an inspired decision. A few years ago, small businesses were just starting to discover the huge potential the internet held. With the growth of social media, well crafted websites were becoming increasingly important to the success of a business. However, with the high price of lead generation and website development then, many small businesses were missing out on this massive growth opportunity. We decided to offer such businesses services at a much more affordable cost.

This is how we founded Orpiv, which currently employs 35 specialists with over three to fours years in experience in web development and Lead Generation. Our goal is to create engaging high quality websites and help our clients to reach there target audience in line with your business goals and strategies.


With businesses across the globe regularly spending thousands of dollars on services like Google ad words and Facebook campaigns for lead generation there are very few companies that are using professional marketers to structure their campaigns and maximize return on investment.

Orpiv technologies is made up of a team of marketing experts who have developed new strategies that go beyond paid search and social media advertising. We understand the extreme amount of competition associated with any type of Facebook campaign or ad words campaign. It is our goal to help clients get the data that they need to discern a target market that they can easily reach for an affordable price. We offer HUMAN TO HUMAN LEAD GENERATION APPROACH for a more personal approach to marketing.

Through our services you won't have to pay for premium advertising keywords or lose countless dollars from your marketing budget just to compete with people in your local market or within your industry. We focus on the human element of marketing by delivering extremely localized person-to-person lead generation. 

Sponsorship in March 2021