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Our core expertise is helping Korean & overseas clients to build their brand, increase overall profitability and buyer discovery through search engine marketing.  We have over 16 years of proven track record in Google PPC and onsite optimization. We started as a company assisting Korean businesses to find buyers overseas in 1998, and we became one of the very first company in S. Korea to specialize in search engine marketing. Our client base includes Samsung Electronics, Tour2Korea, Lotte Hotels as well as largest domestic companies. OSO also assists foreign companies to successfully market their products and services in S. Korea, China as well as Japan. Our multilingual staff can speak Korean, English Japanese as well as Mandarin. We are Asia online marketing experts.  Our recent projects have included launching American beer brand Miller through online promotion. We've also successfully marketed for Swiss tourism industry, encouraging Korean tourists  to visit world famous gornergrat region and also the Matterhorn. Our search engine expertise extends to Baidu in china, Yahoo in Japan, Naver in Korea and Google. In addition, with our Chinese partner, we've developed our proprietary mobile advertising platform called MDSP 2.0, to reach billions of Chinese consumers monthly. 

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