Agency Profile

OTR FinTechArt

London, United Kingdom


OTR is a group of software consulting & development companies with more than 20 years of FinTech expertise. We work with financial services providers, startups, enterprises, & banks. Our team consists of more than 2500 in-house experts, and our yearly turnover exceeds $150 mln.

Today we successfully cope with these challenges:


  • Overcoming development workforce skill gaps

  • Protecting data from breaches and fraud

  • Ensuring full compliance with standards and regulations

  • Building MVPs and developing new FinTech products for startups.


Team augmentation

Have a FinTech product in mind but don't have the required skills in your team? OTR will choose from its own array of experienced engineers, programmers, finance experts, QAs, business analysts, designers, and project managers to extend your team's skillset to ensure lightning-fast time-to-market with uncompromised quality.


Full-scale software development

With tens of complex development projects behind our belt, including major banking system integration, our teams work hard to provide end-to-end development services, as we have experts to step in at every role. Scaling up an existing enterprise solution or creating a new project for your start-up — OTR's professionals take over every stage of solution development, meaning you can focus on your core business processes.

Sponsorship in March 2023