Agency Profile

Periphery Digital

Vancouver, Canada


Periphery Digital is a Vancouver based agency that works to connect Chinese and Canadian audiences. We design campaigns for Chinese language viewers by creating intuitive digital marketing, media, and PR strategies that are executed by our creative team of experienced editors, translators, social media managers, and digital marketing specialists.

As industry experts, we are uniquely equipped to provide a level of cultural fluency that draws from years of bending the line between Chinese and English language media environments. Some of our services include paid media strategies, Chinese language content creation, WeChat and Weibo access, culturally comprehensive translation, and creative campaigns. With every project that we take on, we are committed to delivering intuitive and effective messaging that resonates with your target audience.

Our Story: 

As bilingual marketing experts, our ability to comfortably grasp both perspectives allows us to develop a cultural fluency that fosters understanding, access, and appreciation between both cultures. Loving what we do means that we take pride in sharing the insights and cultural nuances of an increasingly attractive but complex demographic of Chinese people all over the world. We absorb ourselves in how they approach social media, celebrate events, interact with language, and create new meaning in the digital era. We work to better understand a demographic that is both modern and traditional; reserved and rebellious; and concentrated but scattered. Our team is excited to share our insights and expertise, to create lasting partnerships, and contribute to a more diverse media environment.

Sponsorship in August 2022