Agency Profile

Pierini Partners

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Adrian Pierini has an extensive trajectory comprised of over 400 projects for the most important companies in the world. A graphic designer graduated with honors from the University of Buenos Aires, he taught Design II at the latter institution and the “Brand Image and Design” and “Packaging Design” subjects from the Advertising Mayor at the University of Palermo. Adrián Pierini has worked in Argentina, The United States and Mexico for some of the most prestigious design studios available and also given conferences and seminars on Brand Strategy and Packaging at Latin America’s main companies and institutions. His numerous articles, which focus on the challenges of design, can be found in the media from Mexico, Russia, The United States and Spain, among other countries. He is also the author of the book Designers Go! about applied methodology. In 2007, he created his Design Agency, Pierini Partners, supervising and directing his team in the creation of diverse projects.

Sponsorship in March 2024