Agency Profile

Pili Mili Films Ltd

Manchester, United Kingdom


Narrative stories are the basis of each project we approach. We believe that storytelling is the most powerful tool of communication, and our goal is to create quality narrative-driven content that speaks to today’s generations.

Inclusivity and originality are some of the key values for us. We seek to produce bold, curious, passionate, innovative, courageous and rule- breaking content and we work with talent who offer those same qualities.

Our expertise lies in narrative storytelling. One of our passions is to use our cinematic skills to create quality BRANDED FILM CONTENT collaborating with exciting brands. We are not scared to experiment, and we will deliver you something contemporary, fresh and edgy.

Our projects have been accepted into more than 150 international film festivals, including many BAFTA and OSCAR qualifying ones, achieving awards and special mentions along the away. Our creativity has been backed by Directors UK, Arri, Girls in Film, Dr Martens, Sharjah Art Foundation and others.

We're always available for a chat to discuss further steps depending on your ambitions and budget.

Sponsorship in August 2022