Agency Profile

Pixelsearch Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh



Our team is composed of people who are the first generation immersion marketing activists in Bangladesh. Most of us started career right from the beginning of 21st century when experiential marketing first started to take root in Bangladesh. We do express our heartfelt gratitude to the great agency Interspeed and its proprietor Mr Enayet Karim. There is no denying of the fact that advertising guru Mr. Enayet karim first started immersion marketing in Bangladesh


Then we departed in 2005, joined in different advertising agencies to set the tone of ‘immersion marketing’ there. In 2014 we met each other again. We immediately recognized that the industry is divided into two broad communications services – ATL and BTL. We believe this is an antithesis to 3sixty brand communications solutions as this misses the fundamental principle of integration among all the communications services so that consistency of brand experience prevails across


So, in the very year of 2014 we incepted ‘Pixel Search Limited’ to provide rounded and cost effective communications solutions

Sponsorship in October 2023