Agency Profile


Manaus, Brazil


Plano A Filmes e Comunicações is one of the most important producers in the Amazon market.


Serving public and private customers, the company has built a know-how of quality, efficiency and punctuality.


We have been able to conquer this space thanks to the trust and respect of the Agencies, which are our great partners, and the direct and indirect clients who have honored us to work their image on these more than 12 years of road.


Our main goal remains to produce and tell stories that inspire the lives of people of any genre, any format and in any media, and in the end the result is a happy ending.


For every project, be it a TV commercial, a documentary, a corporate video, a videoweb or any other audiovisual demand, Plano A Filmes has a talented group who are always eager to do more with their stories.


Sponsorship in April 2024