Agency Profile

Portonics Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh


PORTONICS is a team of technology consultants that specializes in web development, software development, social media, online marketing, and branding on the web. When it comes to our clients we are passionate to work together to understand and make full use of digital technology that can heighten, efficiency, brand awareness and lead to better business. WEB & SOFTWARE We build customized interactive and dynamic websites with custom or open source back ends. Our customized web- based solutions including ERP, Websites, e-commerce portal and management solutions. We also have an expertise across a range of content management systems (CMS) and website platforms, both open source and proprietary. Portonics has an intricate understanding when it comes to e-commerce of why customers buy online and what makes a successful end-to-end online store. We are very passionate when it comes to building user friendly portal solutions that combine information access, content distribution and workflow management. DIGITAL MARKETING Our goal is to enhance your online brand presence through social media. Our Social Media Marketing Solutions include online advertising, digital campaigns, page management, Facebook App development, analysis and training. E-LEARNING We offer development of offline and online e-learning courses. Our online e-learning courses are developed with html5 support so it may be viewed in mobile devices. OUTSOURCING When it comes to outsourcing our teams work together with client to engage with the project purpose and it’s content to ensure good communication, project management, usability and development. CONSULTING We help businesses improve efficiency, increase productivity and bottom line profits by incorporating / leveraging software and web technology for businesses. We do a detailed analysis of business needs and processes and collaborate to create web/software products using custom or open source technologies.

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