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Agency Profile


We craft complex web solutions and mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms dedicated to business clients worldwide. Our vision is to deliver products which mark an impact on the market, bring innovation and help clients to boost their businesses.  We emphasize quality over quantity as well as facilitate open and clear communication, and always work with the intention of establishing beneficial, long-term relationships. 


We create enthralling, functional web applications which showcase your products or ideas to the audience all around the globe. We manipulate with the looks in Vue.js while functionality and desirable features are made with Elixir which is becoming one of the most interesting technologies available on the market. We are familiar with GraphQL and with REST. Everything is deployed to Kubernetes or any other platform of client's choice.


Our team dedicates most of its time to iOS platform in order to develop apps that lock into the platform, engage and encourage its end users, and let our clients enjoy good feedback.  We have shaped many client’s ideas with the usage of Swift programming language, which has become paramount in terms of building mobile apps for iOS.


We understand the needs of the mobile app market and recognize the potential of Android platform.  Over time we have developed many apps with the usage of Kotlin, which is a modern, multi-paradigm language. In addition, our extensive experience and broad knowledge in this field ensures a seamless and reliable materialization of your ideas.

Cross-platform Apps

With cross-platform applications we can eat an apple and have an apple. Apps are developed for two platforms allowing for consistency in terms of their functionalities and design as well as for targeting a wider audience. All this is achieved with Flutter or React Native which we can use anytime.

Sponsorship in September 2021