Agency Profile

PR Consulting Americas

São Paulo, Brazil


We are the first multinational boutique of public relations and marketing consulting in Mexico, part of the PR Consulting group in international expansion, offering public relations and marketing consulting and providing high quality for clients with specific local and transnational demands for America and Europe, delivering results tangible and constantly evolving in the services we offer.


Our team deals daily with advanced customer demands. They want the best and constantly bring us complex challenges or situations to help them engage their audiences in a growing scenario of competitiveness and aggressiveness. Companies, entities and NGOs need to be heard.



Investors, employees and consumers; We work to influence, evoke emotions, function as a national voice, represent interest in a cause or commitment to relevant issues in society. For these objectives to be achieved successfully, we focus on keeping and developing our diligence and creativity. With our experience gained in decades of experience in Communication and Marketing, we are aligned to manage and promote each brand, which generates new and decisive business opportunities for our clients and provides impact results at all levels.

Sponsorship in April 2024