Agency Profile

In Press Porter Novelli

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


We are a full service communication agency that serves more than 130 clients in the corporate, consumer, media and entertainment, health, technology and telecommunications segments, among others.      
We were elected the best communication agency in Brazil in 2015 by prScope, the most important study on the country's public relations market. We achieved the highest level of satisfaction among our clients and our services were the best evaluated by them, who also elected In Press the agency with the best relationship with influencers and opinion makers. We are number 1 in the market perception ranking, the agency that executives most want to work with and the one most admired by agency professionals, who cited it as the company they would most like to work for.

Besides the offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, the association with Porter Novelli - one of the 10 largest communication companies in the world, with 90 offices in 60 countries - makes our performance global.

Sponsorship in April 2024