Agency Profile

Primacys Agency

Khulna City, Bangladesh


Strive to provide satisfactory service to my clients and meet their demands.

Is it possible to be smart, inspiring and authentic in Marketing? Absolutely — we do it every day. In fact, we believe it’s the only way to stay nimble and thrive in our fast-paced industry.

Primacys  is a fresh, brainy boutique agency of retail and digital marketing specialists partnering with top-tier B2C and B2B clients in the US and Canada. Our passion is delivering programs in-store and online to increase awareness, capture leads and grow sales.

We love helping businesses to create and implement lead generation strategies that will provide them with a steady stream of new leads. We also work with clients to help them convert prospects into paying customers.  
The Primacys provides digital marketing services for entrepreneurs, small businesses and larger businesses.

Sponsorship in June 2023