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Agency Profile


Amsterdam, Netherlands


We’re a risk-taking, forward-thinking PR agency that believes in using the full marketing mix to achieve results in PR and beyond. We understand tech, and we understand the start-up world: things are constantly changing and you never know what tomorrow will look like. 

In that context, traditional PR tactics just won’t work! You need out of the box thinking, to get you the results you’re after and drive leads. You also need a partner that knows how to work in a lean and agile manner. We’re here to help you inspire and create change. 

Services we offer:

Strategic Branding

  • First we need to understand and agree on who you are in order to maximize your visibility
  • Our team of branding experts make sure we bring consistency across your communications


  • Using a mix of traditional and contemporary PR to achieve coverage

Content marketing

  • Using content to increase thought leadership and visibility

Social media marketing

  • Using social media and growth marketing tactics to boost PR

Video Marketing

  • Supporting your storytelling efforts through video

Graphic Design

  • Every document or presentation should be beautifully designed in your branding. 

Growth Hacking

  • Supporting your communications tactics through online marketing


Sponsorship in March 2021