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Agency Profile

Qualified Consulting

Lviv, Ukraine


Qualified Consulting Ltd offers a variety of services in B2B Software Development sphere. We offer full development cycle process for your idea or product. We provide specifications and requirements development.


Dedicated engineer


It means that we only recruit IT professionals with the highest level of expertise to deliver the best services and meet client`s goals/expectations. After the candidate is approved by the client, he/she is offered a place in our office along with additional training if required. This approach proved to be the most effective in cases where the client is looking for a professional to start immediate work on the project.


Professional Services


The client offers us to join the project, and in turn we provide him/her with a quote and an estimate of time required for completion of the project. In this scenario the client does not have to participate in the recruitment process of the employee. It is our responsibility to allocate all the necessary resources to complete the project on time.


Sponsorship in September 2021