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Agency Profile

Quality Wolves

Novosibirsk, Russia


Quality Wolves delivers a smooth and predictable development experience. We create high-quality products, following result-oriented processes and always keeping your business goals in mind.

So, what makes us different? Well, for one thing, we're a small team of seasoned engineers and designers who love tackling tough problems. Since our founding in 2015, we have worked hard to build a unique team of highly qualified specialists who build solutions based on client goals and objectives.

Our team worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies, and we can focus on building what you need as quickly as possible. We have expertise in a wide range of frameworks and tools for app, web, and IoT development. And we take care of strategic questions as well. Tell us about the business challenge you've encountered, and we'll define what to build, what technologies to use, and how to scale your project. If you have established development processes, we'll seamlessly integrate into them.

Our mission is to make you the hero of your users' stories.

Our services

• iOS development (Swift, Objective-C);

• Android development (Java, Kotlin);

• Back end development (Python & Django);

• Front end development (JavaScript & React, Redux);

• UI/UX and 3D design;

• Database design and administration (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Redis, Realm, Azure, AWS DynamoDB, etc.);

• Software testing (Unit, Integration, UI Automation);

• Embedded Hardware and IoT (MQTT, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, Wi-Fi, Nordic Semiconductors, Dialog Semiconductors, and Texas Instruments microprocessors);

• App Store Optimization (text and images for app listings in the App Store and Google Play).

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Sponsorship in September 2021