Agency Profile

R. Samurai Digital MKT

Sao Paulo, Brazil


The world is no longer the same Knowing how to adapt to reality is no longer a differential. It is a matter of survival. Through the Internet ordinary people make fortunes The world is experiencing an unprecedented transformation. Through the Internet and social media, ordinary people make fortunes, anonymous people become instant celebrities, ideas are propagated globally and governments are overthrown without the need for weapons. In this new complex and exciting scenario, it is extremely important that any company, regardless of size and market, knows how to position itself so as not to be engulfed by this tsunami of changes, and also to take advantage of the opportunities generated by all these transformations. Ricardo Samurai Publicist, Graphic Designer by EPA - Panamerican School of Arts, specialized in Multimedia, Lean Marketing Consultant, Digital Presence Consultant, Speaker and Digital Entrepreneur. He has been working with interactive communication for over 20 years, having served hundreds of companies during this period, and also developed projects in China and Hong Kong. He is the creator of several successful Internet platforms such as Develop Now and Samurai Web, the latter having impacted millions of people in Brazil and worldwide.

Sponsorship in March 2023