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Resourcifi by RNF

Noida, India


Many organizations today are continuously struggling in attracting, retaining and training specialized IT talent. And, rapidly evolving technology and business requirements are just compounding challenges faced by these companies. To meet deadlines and to survive in the highly competitive global market, companies require additional IT resources or expertise beyond their existing IT team which is not always feasible or cost effective. At RNF Technologies, a custom mobile app and web application development company these challenges were very prevalent. Hiring software developers from sites like Upwork and Freelancer was not an option as there were inexorable reliability and quality issues. To survive and to thrive, we emphasized our recruitment process and developed delivery models that were robust and efficient. We quickly realized, the processes we created would immensely help other organizations that need flexible and reliable IT teams, and was born. It is an online store for hiring virtual employees in India on short term and long term basis. We ensure our clients do not have to deal with the hassles of working with freelancers or setting up an office in a foreign country.

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