Agency Profile

R.Macedo Live Marketing

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


R.MACEDO is a strategic intelligence company, which integrates several communication, design and architecture solutions, to materialize ideas and actions that provoke sensations and generate results for brands. Combining creative and innovative strategies with the most diverse tools available on the market, we plan, create and produce sensory experiences, in different formats, but always with the intention of being memorable.


For this reason, the result of our work is measured by the quantity and quality of the smiles, laughter, tears and chills that we manage to provoke. After all, more than producing projects, we provide experiences.


We believe in the power of experiences. From real experiences, lived live, without replay, without delay, only once.

Relevant experiences and people's lives. Able to transform lives into spectacles and generate unforgettable moments.

Experiences that have the power to impress, provoke the senses and cause strong emotions.

Experiences that generate activation, conversion, loyalty and several other positive results.

Experiences that bring brands closer to their audiences and transform the relationship with their consumers in a definitive way.

Experiences that make all our efforts worthwhile and make our relationship with brands and customers increasingly effective and sustainable.

Experiences that make our world a better place!

Sponsorship in June 2023