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Agency Profile


rsquad is an information system development and consulting company. We work with both startups and operating companies.

Clients trust us to be their main technical team and develop their promising startups and existing products. For our part, we are providing a full cycle of successful work:

- System and business analytics

- Flexible project and development management processes

- Interface design

- Reliable infrastructure maintenance and quality support

We are faithful to our colleagues, and colleagues are faithful to us. Throughout the history of our work, we have created and raised a team of professionals in their field to implement systems of unlimited complexity. Our projects benefit mankind, and money to our customers.

We specialize in:

- Enterprise web-development

- High-load applications

- Mobile applications

- Game mechanics development

- Blockchain and smart-contracts

We're open to any conversations and offers. Feel free to contact us on any issue - [email protected]

Sponsorship in September 2021