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Sales Schema

Brooklyn, United States


Many agencies are compelling work, sometimes over decades, but they rely exclusively on sporadic referrals and personal networks for new business.  This spawns a haphazard and unsustainable new business process, especially when owners and new business people are busy and unfocused.  

Sales Schema is fractional new business team helping boutique agencies and marketing service companies win their dream clients.  

Our agency-specialized, US-based team furnishes deal flow to our clients by way of direct outreach, account-based marketing, and thought leadership.

We've worked with more than 50 agencies, conducted 7,000 individual campaigns, and landed recent brand-to-agency opportunities with the likes of JLL, Stripe, Arizona Iced Tea, Untuckit, among many other organizations. 

We're excited to see how we can help your agency grow. 

Sponsorship in April 2021