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Search Solved

Brighton, United Kingdom


Ecommerce managers face a unique challenge… With so many things you could focus your marketing attention on, which are the ones that you should?

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone.

Search Solved was founded by experts in the field of Ecommerce SEO and PPC, with a vision to create a new breed of marketing agency, one which specializes in maximizing search engine visibility for Ecommerce websites. As an agency we’re excited by the opportunities and we want our clients to be excited about the results!

Over the years, our agency has acquired and developed our own set of solutions, processes and tools, specifically to allow us to gain a birds-eye view of ecommerce websites, competitor sites and the search market landscape. This top-level view allows us to see where your site sits amongst your competitors, from there we can quickly identify the key opportunities and prioritise the actions needed to grow your market share.

Our bespoke strategies and deliverables are tailored to your needs and designed to be easily understood and actionable, ensuring that we deliver everything you’ll need to successfully implement recommendations and solutions. Our experienced account management team will oversee your account, keep you informed and provide regular reports on progress and performance throughout, so you can be sure that you’ll always have the bigger picture at hand for yourself, your team and your stakeholders.

Every ecommerce manager needs to see a demonstratable ROI to prove the value of their marketing spend… and that remains at the core of all our search strategies.

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