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Agency Profile

SearchGuru Sdn. Bhd.

Mid Valley City, Malaysia


SearchGuru Sdn Bhd was founded by Larry Lim and YC Ng, two of Singapore’s and Malaysia’s leading SEO/SEM Consultants. Together, they have consulted for many clients on Search Marketing, from SMEs to MNCs, and in a wide variety of verticals. SearchGuru also has a presence in Singapore, SearchGuru Pte Ltd, to serve the local clients there. At SearchGuru, we focus on traffic, leads and conversions – not just keyword rankings! Our approach is to help to reduce wastage in your online marketing campaign by narrowing down to the target market. By using tools like web analytics, we understand how visitors are interacting with your website. We plan, test, track and optimize so that your search marketing campaigns will yield maximun ROI, with solid and measurable business growth.

Sponsorship in May 2021