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We are the Integral team of Core Blockchain Developers.

Having come to our world, Blockchain technologies changed it forever. Guaranteed storage of data, decentralization of the system and services on its basis, exclusion of intermediate participants, processes acceleration and tremendous economy.


Online Crypto & Fiat Financial Services

We are focused on financial services development. Our solutions bring all features of cryptocurrencies into traditional financial services, providing compliant, reliable, seamless integration to enrich your customers experience.

Fiat and Cryptocurrency Processing

Fiat and Cryptocurrency Trading

Investments, Loans / Lending Services

Card Processing integration with Crypto & Fiat Services

Chain Analysis

Services KYC / AML Services Integration


Financial Services based on Blockchain

Blockchain transforms familiar financial solutions into something absolutely new, bringing powerful opportunities to enhance performance, reliability, customer’s trust and loyalty, along with creation of unique line of services which will change the industry.

E-commerce Crypto & Fiat Payments Services

Centralized / Decentralized Crypto Exchanges ( cEx / dEx )

Crowdfunding DApps ( ICO / ITO / STO )

Escrow DApps

P2P Loans / Lending DApps

Loyalty / Referral DApps


Custom Blockchain Platforms

With Integral you get custom solutions for fintech, healthcare, entertainment and other industries. We work with all blockchains for business, providing custom decentralized network built to meet your requirements.

Blockchain platform / Cryptocurrency


Blockchain Explorer

Mining pool


Decentralized applications

Sponsorship in September 2021