Agency Profile

ShootmeDash, LLC

Collierville, United States


ShootmeDash has an incredible portfolio of wedding, event, portrait, and fashion images that are strongly recommended for you to look through! In particular, their Wedding and Fashion images range from trendy to whimsical, with fine art takes on cosplay, modern fashion, and a range of other individual styles. ShootmeDash also excels in environmental portraiture, using elements within the scenes to create emphasis on a subject, create a story, add drama, and more. Each element in their environmental portraits is carefully considered for its impact on the subject as a whole. Their color palette is quite diverse, ranging from a very natural, true-to-life style to more eclectic ranges of fantasy skies or monochrome takes. By collaborating with their clients, ShootmeDash uses his artistry to pull off nearly any sort of image they’re looking for.

Sponsorship in September 2022