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Agency Profile

Skellig Digital

York, United Kingdom


For the last twenty years Skellig have been involved in some of the biggest online digital marketing campaigns nationally and internationally.

Since 1998 we have witnessed firsthand the development of social media, the birth and growth of Google and understood how digital media is consumed. With almost unique knowledge and experience, our digital strategies are built on solid foundations with an uncanny instinctual approach to digital marketing.

Ranging from SEO, Social Media Management, PPC and Paid Social to relatively contemporary developments such as marketing automisation, sales funnels and conversion rate optimisation, Skellig offers a digital marketing consultancy that is fully trackable and delivers beyond return on investment.

Our Past Experience includes and is not limited to –

Identifying and implementing strategies for increased Conversation Rates and Customer Retention.

Developing effective PPC / Programmatic / SEM campaigns for multiple campaigns to increase brand coverage, leads and sales.

Managing and maintaining website architectures and content to improve SEO positions with target keywords.

Extensive experience and knowlege of using Google Analytics and Adwords, Webtrends etc.

Implementation and Management of Programmatic Advertising, Adwords (PPC) and Paid Social Media.

Maintaining extensive knowledge of SEO practices, optimisation and ethical link building.

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