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Seattle, United States


SKY FEATHER STUDIOS is a Seattle based marketing team that offers content for social media, television, websites, listings and interactive consumer applications. Media has long been an offering only available to a select few amount of companies with a large budget, media crews and massive distribution networks - not anymore! The new generation of direct to consumer media outlets has now given businesses large and small across the globe the opportunity to engage and develop organic relationships with their clients and customers. We at SKY FEATHER STUDIOS believe that the opportunity to create and distribute high quality media shouldn’t be a headache or break the bank. Traditional media (such as mailing, magazines, newspapers, flyers etc.) campaigns are expensive, dated and time consuming with distribution, printing, design, sizing costs with minimal tracking and virtually no targeting. The power of selection is now in your hands when you leverage content distribution via social networks and traditional media outlets. This allows you as a business too specify any demographics, area, timing, cost and means of delivery making sure you get the most for your money. The entire process of creation can be done in as little as a matter of hours. We seek to highlight what makes you special, why you product or service is important and how you can most effectively communicate it to your customers and clients.

Sponsorship in December 2021