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Agency Profile

Social Acumen

London, United Kingdom


We are Social Acumen. We take startups and SMEs to their next level through data-driven digital and social media advertising. 

Our data-driven approach gives us a “winning formula” for success and enables us to run ads that deliver greater volume and value for our clients.

We work with startups and SMEs such as Secret Saviours, BOL Foods, Chinti & Parker, Ora Home and FaceGym, as well as bigger organisations such as Innocent Drinks, Visit Britain and Sky Store.

There are phenomenal growth opportunities for startups and SMEs to harness data-driven digital advertising to scale their business performance.

Startups and SMEs often lack the time and expertise required to harness the data that is produced by their digital and social media advertising. This restricts their ability to grow and scale their businesses through digital advertising.

As a result, they are missing out on phenomenal growth opportunities through Facebook Advertising and Google Ads.

And that’s where we come in…

Our data-driven approach to digital and social advertising gives us a “winning formula” for success: data-insights that can show us what ads to run and to who.

This enables us to make and deliver ads for our clients that perform better and increase business performance in a more cost-efficient manner.

Improved performance mixed with detailed data-insights gives us the blueprint needed for growing and scaling our client’s businesses.

Sponsorship in January 2021