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Agency Profile

Software Interactive

Gliwice, Poland


We are a software development company, on the market since 2013. We are a team of 50+ people, using the business and scientific experience of the Silesian University of Technology.

In every project we use our knowledge and expertise, so we always complete our work successfully.

We always:

  • plan the entire course of our work

  • use the latest tools and technologies

  • use the most advantageous methods of our work

  • work in a team

In our company we work in programming languages: .NET, C/C++, PHP, Python and Qt/QML. We carry out projects in ASP.NET MVC + JS front (Angular, React, extJS) and desktop in .NET, we create Embedded software, Qt, Computer Vision and Enterprise solutions.

We create individual software tailored to the needs of Clients: we can conduct the project from the initial phase to final solutions, continue the work started by another contractor or provide a development team (body/team leasing) with the best professionals specializing in .NET, C++ and PHP with attractive hourly rates.

To estimate your project, leave us a message: [email protected]

Sponsorship in October 2021