Agency Profile


STACKLEVEL provides custom web development services adjusted exactly to your unique business needs. Our office is staffed by some of the most talented and innovative professionals, who specialize in web and mobile development, as well as a variety of other technological and software related fields. Our services are focused only on one thing: to increase your company’s profits.

We successfully delivered solutions to over 30 companies, across varying business models, and we are always looking to expand our expertise. Our experiences are drawn from projects throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Russia and Europe.


  • Custom web applications;
  • B2B & B2C E-commerce solutions;
  • Custom websites and portals of any complexity;
  • CRM/ERP systems;
  • Mobile applications;
  • API development;
  • Chatbots;


  • Frontend: React, Redux, AngularJS, Webpack, SCSS, PostCSS;
  • Backend: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PHP, Symfony, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS;
  • Mobile: React Native (cross-platform).
  • Desktop: Electron (cross-platform).

Sponsorship in March 2023