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Agency Profile

Stellar Marketing

New Westminster, Canada


At Stellar Marketing, we help companies make more money through intelligent marketing & automation. From deep digital marketing knowledge to conversion focused design, we bring the best of both worlds to grow your profitability.

We're a young agency that's obsessed with applying the latest and greatest SEO, Social Media Marketing, CRO, Web design tools and tactics. We’re a group of fast moving marketers with a strong understanding of digital marketing & conversion focused design. We choose to focus on just a few clients at a time. This way, we can dedicate the resources it takes to thoroughly understand and grow them to their fullest potential.

We help educate, fuel, and build long-lasting relationships with the clients we work with. Oh, and we have a ton of fun too.


We believe in 100% transparency. Everything is 100% shared with you, nothing is hidden. The day you sign a contract, your campaign is listed out, from start to finish, in a shared project plan that you can adjust to your liking.

We’re driven to becoming the best version of ourselves. We’re able to deliver the highest quality service to our clients because we have a streamlined process allowing us to be hyper productive.

Located in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia, we worked with major local, national and international companies as well as small local businesses to drive conversions, increase lead flow, and raise the bottom line.

Sponsorship in March 2021