Agency Profile


Tamworth, United Kingdom


If you are tired of poor quality sales enquiries from your telemarketing agency then we should talk.  Stratique was formed to solve 3 of the biggest problems business owners and sales professionals face: how to find, win and keep high-quality new customers.

Since its formation in 2003, it has been Stratique's mission to be the leading agency for generating the highest quality '5-star' sales enquiries and face to face meetings for our manufacturing and engineering clients. 

Our team has visited more production facilities than any other agency we know of.  We speak to purchasing professionals every day and because we have come from a manufacturing background, we talk your language and we know the difference between laser cutting, plasma cutting and flame cutting. 

We know understand why structural foam is stronger than injection moulding and the difference between presswork and a press-brake.  Our team even knows the difference between 1st and 3rd angle projection when looking at engineering drawings. 

Sponsorship in August 2022