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Agency Profile

Streng Agency

St. Charles, United States


Streng. What do we do? It's simple. We connect brands to customers. And we do it in a results-oriented, totally integrated, top-to-bottom manner. We have years of experience, truckloads of talent and a bottomless supply of enthusiasm!

Tactically we have the capabilities of a big agency behemoth, only were packaged and priced as a compact electric monorail rambling down the rails at 200+ miles per hour. We sit at the crossroads where business meets creative. Its not just about incredible creative, its about incredible creative measured by great business results. Anybody can win awards, and we have a few of those, but its about getting customers for our clients that really matters.

Streng Theory - Good. Fast. And cheap (inexpensive). It used to be that you could pick two and not have the other. We say why not have it all? It’s our philosophy, mantra, and reason for being. We believe in incredible work, but not at the expense of well, expense. That's not to say we are giving away something for nothing, were as philanthropic as the next guy, but we still need to make a buck. What we are saying is that Streng is made up of well seasoned pros who have experienced the big bloated agency model in their past. You know, the ones that were filled with layers of high-priced heavy breathers and a sea of cube dwellers. So you only work with, and get charged for, the people who actually create the magic.

Whether we’re hammering out a strategy, communications plan, social media directive, searching for an insight that makes the world go “AH-HA!” or even brainstorming creative together (imagine that?) we don’t believe in working in a vacuum. Especially one that sucks away all your time, money and energy.

Sponsorship in March 2021