Agency Profile

Studio Odô

Curitiba, Brazil


We create creative solutions that stimulate mindsets through Design! We operate in a transdisciplinary way covering the most diverse areas and we use diverse the forms of languages!

We create products and services that form and reinforce empathetic relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and even with yourself, as there is no one who does not like brands that care about emotions, behaviors, thoughts; With people! We generate intangible results, such as the value of your brand, until the turnover decrease from 36% to 2.5%.

We listen and observe people to create innovative and creative solutions. In our work, stories and memories are what move us!

Many people invest in sameness, failing to dedicate themselves to providing unique and exclusive experiences to make your brand memorable, in the end, how do you want your branding to be remembered?


Sponsorship in October 2023