Agency Profile

Stylefish, inc.

Minneapolis, United States


Yes, we're small. But our skills and experience are not. Together, we've completed hundreds of projects, from brochureware sites for tiny startups to the constantly evolving Internet Learning Center for Johns Hopkins University, now used by thousands of physicians. When you commission a Stylefish site, you'll know that -- whatever the size of your organization -- you'll be working with designer Jennifer Caritas and programmer Peter Caritas, not the intern we happened to nab for summer break. Like the design work in our portfolio? Jennifer did that. Impressed by that custom Drupal module? That was Pete. We could impress you with our lovely offices, but we'd need to ask you to pay for them first. And we'd much rather impress you with our lovely websites, at a futon-and-Ikea kind of price. Have us in. Talk to us. And find out what we can do for you.

Sponsorship in May 2024