Agency Profile

Technoton Engineering

Minsk, Belarus


Technoton Engineering is a company specialized in embedded software development and IoT hardware development for vehicle telematics, industrial automation, Internet of Things (IoT) fields. As a software and hardware development company, we implement unique IoT technologies, provide our clients with solutions for smart and IoT device development.

Competencies and experience of our team include an end-to-end process of IoT device development - from an idea and SoW analysis to PoC and mass production launch with technological equipment development. In our portfolio:

- Telematics GSM gateways and GPS trackers for monitoring of operational data on land and water transport

- CAN bus tools, J1939 to MQTT converters, smart CAN bus displays (J1939, NMEA) and CAN bus readers

- Intelligent level sensors for vehicles and stationary tanks

- Smart flow meters for vehicles and industrial use to meet local monitoring, reporting and verification regulations

- Contactless data readers of CAN-bus data

- Analyzers, simulators and converters of messages, signals, interfaces (CAN, RS-485, RS-232, analog)

- Metrological installations for smart sensors, smart flow meters production and service


We offer ready technologies for custom telematics, smart sensors and smart meters, IoT hardware, fog/edge computing hardware with value-added functions development. Our hardware & software ready platforms include automotive grade components, embedded software (firmware) for real-time tasks, desktop configuration software and mobile applications.

Ready platforms are time tested in a harsh environment from Africa to Siberia and are used for custom electronic product development where time-to-market, reliability, technological innovation and ROI are the highest priorities.

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