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Hey, I'm Tamykah, "The Scientistpreneur". I bridge the gap between scientific disciplines and holistic practices to ensure the health and wellness of the entire family- with a special focus on Black, Indigenous & People of Color. I am a passionate award-winning Forensic Toxicologist, S.T.E.A.M Specialist, Best-Selling Author, Certified Yoga Instructor, Women's Sexual & Reproductive Health Educator, Doula, Ordained Minister and Homeschooling Mama. I know what you're thinking: How can one person do so much and how is it all connected? Honestly, I've always had many passions and been a bit of an overachiever, but I discovered recently that everything I do IS all connected. From Homeschooling Consultations to Yoga, I bridge the gap between scientific disciplines and holistic practices to ensure the health and wellness of the entire family- with a special focus on Black, Indigenous & People of Color. My Services: - Homeschooling Consultations Homeschooling can be both rewarding and challenging. Trust me, I know! I've been homeschooling for over a decade. Challenges usually come from a lack of organization, the need to "unschool", lack of confidence in a parent/guardian's teaching ability and sometimes just not knowing how to get started. I teach families how to make homeschooling fit into their lifestyle and have the most fun with learning! Check out the Homeschooling Hub for the consultation that's right for you. - Ministerial Services As an ordained minister, I can officiate weddings, funerals, baptisms and more in all states. Available for virtual services and limited in-person services, reach out to learn about affordable ministerial packages to make your special day memorable. - Doula Services As a certified birth doula, I provide professional and caring support to expectant mommies and families, helping to create customized birth plans, navigate birthing options, doctor visit support (when possible), labor support and postpartum care. My goal is to help you create your most beautiful and uncomplicated birthing experience. - Event/Keynote Speaker My life has been riddled with tests that have been transmuted into testimonies to fit a wide range of audiences. From being an immigrant, surviving the NYC foster care system, being a teenaged mom, a rape survivor, and more, I am very transparent and passionate about sharing my path in order to inspire. - S.T.E.A.M Enrichment I’m a passionate and experienced STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering/Entrepreneurship, Art & Math) Educator with experience developing creative and innovative lesson plans, facilitating project-based learning activities for students preschool age through college. My degree in Forensic Science provides a strong science background that can be a unique asset to any STEM program. I also have a proven track record in helping teachers develop more effective and immersive STEM based lessons, especially those programs connecting under-served communities to STEM learning in various environments not limited to classrooms, camps and after schools. - "Transmute That Sh*t Sis" Yoga I am a certified yoga instructor with a mission to use yoga to teach women the power of transmutation while helping them identify imbalances in their chakras and then providing them the tools in the form of poses and breathing to create balance and harmony in their lives. - Yoni Steam/Peristeam Hydrotherapy I am a certified yoni steam/peristeam facilitator, which means I can help on your journey to a happier and healthier and pH-balanced vagina/yoni. I also put my herbalist hat on to create Holistically and Intentionally crafted organic herbal blends and services that support Optimal Womb Health, Hygiene & Happiness. - Toxicology Consultations Do you want to assess the ingredients in your products? Do you want to start your own cosmetic or personal care brand and want to be sure your formulations are safe? I am a Forensic Toxicologist and am extremely passionate about teaching about how to live a more non-toxic lifestyle. - Start your own Subscription Box Strategy Planning As the proud creator of two successful subscription boxes, let me save you from all the pitfalls I had when I first started. Learn about website hosting, where to source boxes and materials, how to price your box, how to be sustainable and much more!

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