Agency Profile

The Swarm Talent OS

San Francisco, United States


The Swarm is the Talent OS for early-stage startup founders to build and automate their own recruiting engine, from search to hire. They can combine and enrich their team members and key partners networks in a Talent Graph. The system will reveal high-potential candidates and match them to open roles for consideration. It’ll streamline candidate reach-outs and generate relevant interview and offer templates. The result is a new kind of recruiting automation, allowing even a very early-stage startup founder to dramatically amplify their reach, source top talent beyond their initial network, all while keeping their people productive. The Swarm is also a free online community for founders to access tactical playbooks, insights, events, and receive support from The Swarm Talent Advisors (Sequoia, Snowflake, Google, Doordash, and more).

Sponsorship in October 2022