Agency Profile


Medicine Hat , Canada


TLG is owned and operated by Unreal Media Inc, a high-end communications and digital products manufacturer that spans the globe. Our Company operates to a very high industry standard and solely exists to produce stellar digital solutions and products for our customers. We internally use all products and services we offer and maintain a close eye on market trends and changes to give you a better digital experience.

TLG is an acronym for “Think”, “Launch”, “Grow” and we believe this process is at the foundation of every successful business and product we have the pleasure to work with. We build highly reputable projects that set our customers, partners and employees above the rest in the industry! Our dedication to timely communication, customer service and high-quality delivery is truly second to none. At TLG, we pride ourselves on continuous improvement, innovation, effective problem solving and endless technological advances to generate business growth in your company.


Sponsorship in August 2022