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Atlanta, United States


We like to say that our team – at every level – consists of atypical agency people. We have those who have been Clients. We have those who have worked for the “household name” agencies in New York, Boston, Chicago and Cali. We have former entrepreneurs and editors. This mosaic of experience allows us to think and execute the best and most creative solutions for our clients. At three, our team isn't learning on your business. Regardless of the Client's size, we put top-tier, experienced staff and talent on the project. We don't believe in reserving the best talent for the highest-paying Clients. Our Clients oversee complex businesses with complex problems and opportunities. Rarely do any assignments require a one-dimensional solution. Rather, most Clients have marcom challenges that require unified messaging to diverse audiences. That requires integration. In a world of niche agencies, three provides specialized talent offering integrated communications solutions. Our interaction with cause-oriented organizations – those aligned around a purpose more than a profit – led us to understand that there is more than one return on any corporate activity. The move from a mercenary to a missionary culture has impact on more than morale and employee churn. When effectively executed, purpose boosts shareholder enthusiasm, customer loyalty and marketplace success.

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