Agency Profile

Tina Bradford Public Relations

Bethlehem, United States


Tina Bradford Public Relations serves a variety of business and non-profit clients ranging from financial firms, to real estate, developers, design, beauty and fashion, creating content, news and feature stories.


Our track record shows we deliever a steady stream of news and information to traditional and non-traditional emerging markets. We keep your business and your products in front of your target audience.


Tina Cantelmi Bradford has more than a decade experience as a public relations consultant and practitioner. Trained as a journalist and reporter in the fiber, textile and fashion industry, today, Tina’s creative eye and nose for news gets clients featured prominently in the press across all media lines.  From traditional print, to TV, radio, speaking engagements, media events and press conferences, Tina Bradford and staff garners leading buzz and exposure to increase your business, image and messaging.


Tina also melds leading expertise in social media strategy, content creation and consultation to increase social media presence, and engagement.  Additionally, melding social media expertise across news channels and social media platforms is an additional benefit for working with this team.

Sponsorship in April 2024