Agency Profile

The Tiny Studio

, United Kingdom


Entrepreneurs need all the support they can get and marketing is critical for a new business. The Tiny Studio cuts through the noise and brings startups face to face with a global highly-skilled workforce, by hand-picking local teams in the entrepreneur's region, selected according to their individual requirements on a project-by-project basis, as and when they need them most.

Moreover, we empower communities of creatives everywhere to create the future brands and startups in their regions.

We're the creative platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs that provides affordable marketing solutions at high industry standards with a digitally glocal team. We're basically an ad-hoc agency in the Cloud.

​With your input, we create ideas that resonate with you, are human and deliver against your desired business outcomes. Once we shake hands on the right idea, we start creating. We work closely with our trusted partners to make sure each project is crafted as you'd expect it and delivered when you'd expected, on your budget.

Sponsorship in August 2022