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TIS is a digital services consulting company offering digital strategy consulting, portfolio management and assets engineering services to blue chip corporations, MSMEs and disruptive innovation tech firms for complete digital transformation of their brands. TIS designs and executes digital strategies for brands to explore new business opportunities, engage with communities of users and innovate new products by streamlining business processes, customer journeys and user experiences.

With a client base of 1500 brands and a wealth of experience in delivering world-class actionable insights, custom software products, internet marketing technology stacks and design services, TIS creates value for brands with solutions to innovate to market, market to order and order to cash.

TIS integrates content marketing strategies and design services to redefine customer journeys across digital devices and platforms for brands to engage with users and sell better and higher based on data and insights to achieve high returns on investment, the lower cycle time of operations and faster time to market for sustainable bottom-line impact.


Sponsorship in March 2021