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Reykjavík, United States


Tjarnargatan is a moderately sized media production company with big ideas where professional „ideologists“ with a knack for getting things done come together and roll with your idea from start to finish. If you want to make your idea happen, we are your doers. - Idea - Ideas can be a dime a dozen. Great ideas can be invaluable. They drive individuals and companies, consumers and users alike. We live for ideas and get lots every day. One of them might be right for you. You can also bring your own idea, during any stage of development, and we get you off the drawing board. - Implementation - The implementation stage is often when ideas wilt and fold into the cabinets of ideas past. Implementing often seems overwhelming and ideas go off track, but when you implement your idea at the place of its inception, you come face to face with a process that is streamlined yet adaptable, focused, and most importantly, tailor-made to fit the idea. Whether you need a TV commercial, content, trailers, sound engenering , animation or whatever else you can come up with, we can come aboard and make your idea come alive. - Production - Great ideas come to life if the right medium for the right target audience is used. Various different media are right for various different ideas, and each idea becomes the most successful if married with its ideal media partner that shows the idea off in the most favourable light. We know your idea inside and out and will adapt it to fit the medium you are aiming for – any medium. Our work philosphy centres around pulling the user to the message, but not pushing the message to the user. Our aim is simple, really – to create marketing material that the user wants to see, and that he would want all of his friends to see too. Our team not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. It‘s a great walk with swagger and soul and a high level of professionalism, with a healthy dose of general merriment and a genuine love for what we do.

Sponsorship in November 2021