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Transformational Outsourcing and it`s Online Marketing Team was conceptualized in 2004 when the CEO Bob Levin who was then the CEO of Clay, Metal & Stone was on one of his extensive travels overseas, and he noticed a migration of back offices from the United States to the Philippines.

After careful investigation, he decided to establish an overseas office for Clay Metal & Stone and after training, the office grew to 10 people which were accounting, order entry, inventory, quality control, graphic designers and product designers. The company then had its 24/7 operation and they were able to achieve and process business more efficiently resulting in their sales increasing to $6 million aside from having over 70 independent sales representatives with 5000 different customers. With this result, Bob started to think of introducing the same idea to the west and put up an outsourcing company in the Philippines. The concept was "American Ingenuity, Overseas Pricing"​. Why? Because most small businesses do not have the marketing budgets that medium to large companies are accustomed to. So at TOI, we pride ourselves by giving world class customer support and at the same time, offer our web design, social media marketing, content creation, SEO at extremely affordable prices.

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