Agency Profile

Tripwire Media Group

Winnipeg, Canada


Our focus has always been centered around innovation and authenticity and we pursue engagement, product excellence, and effective communication for our clients and their audiences. Our products ensure desired audiences understand the message as well as the messenger.

Our proven approaches to pre-production are unique to Tripwire, and they help our clients to clearly define the 'WHY'​ and the 'GOAL'​ for their projects, long before we ever pick up a camera. The client-specific processes we use to produce video, animation and motion graphics are based on timelines, applications and, of course, desired return on investment (ROI).

We are constantly refining our methods to ensure your message engages your desired audience in ways that translate into successes for your company or organization.

We do video, animation, motion graphics and everything in between. We develop products for your company that make sense for you and your desired audience.

Sponsorship in March 2023