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London , United Kingdom


Don’t outspend them. Out–think them.

We tie a strong knot between strategy and creativity. This happy balance between insight and ideas is at the heart of everything we do. Unearthing insights that create powerful connections is an art that takes human intuition, creativity and strategic thinking. We put enormous emphasis on account planning to identify the truths that inspire, touch and connect. Our job is to create Memorable Human Ideas. And when we say ideas, we mean anything that makes our clients famous – from traditional advertising to a 24ft elephant sculpture… or something that we cannot even conceive yet. We are dedicated to the truth here. The true promise of a brand. The true human emotions that our advertising touches. Advertising doesn’t work unless we reach past people’s natural defences and make meaningful contact with either their hearts or their heads. At True, our creative culture encourages ideas to come from anywhere. If it’s a good idea, we don’t care if it came from a designer, account exec, a client or the bookkeeper. It means we keep our minds open to good thinking from all corners of the agency. We believe in awards because they demonstrate the effectiveness of our campaigns. From the Grand Prix at the B2B Marketing Awards in London to the BMA Awards in Chicago or the Global Ace Awards in New York, we’re becoming one of the most awarded B2B agencies globally. We’re also proud to have recently been named Agency of the Year 2017 at the Golden Bee Awards.

Sponsorship in April 2021