Agency Profile

Tuiuiú Comunicação

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Tuiuiú is a dynamic and young communication agency.

We work to establish and add value to the client's brand, through strategies that meet their needs within the reality of the market.


Public Relations - promoting actions to enhance the value of a company or brand. Creating communication channels with employees and suppliers, customers, government and community. 

Services in the area: press office for companies and events; we create press releases and press kits, guidelines, creation and triggering of mailing lists, follow up, organization of press conferences and clipping analysis; management and creation of online content; we idealize, produce and disseminate institutional events.

Creation - understanding the client's demands and transforming them into actions that communicate the mission and objectives of the company. 

Marketing - set of activities of planning, conception and realization, which aim at satisfying the needs of clients, present and future, through existing or new products/services. Marketing identifies the need and creates the opportunity. 

Development - is the area responsible for the creation of technologies and analysis of complex solutions for the web environment.

Sponsorship in May 2024