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Agency Profile


Unibrix is a trusted partner for startups and enterprise (including Fortune 500 companies), based in Cherkasy, Ukraine. We are a team of skilled developers, QA engineers, and DevOps. We love what we do, and we do it as a play.

Unibrix provides a different kind of services for our Clients (more details on unibrix.com):

  • Team Augmentation
  • Consulting
  • Solutioning
  • DevOps with Support+

We are working in different industries and have a strong experience in:

  • FinTech
  • E-commerce
  • Health Care
  • Security

At Unibrix we believe in simplicity. No-one needs a complex solution for a simple problem. So we are keeping that in mind for any given task or project.

We are working using Agile methodologies with iterative processes for all our development teams. Every Agile is different, though we try to implement principles of it into the client’s current processes. We are also happy to help in setting up best practices in the management of the project if needed. As an iterative mindset is a key in Agile we are utilizing it at max. Any project starts as MVP and then grow based on priorities.

Unibrix is a small, yet ambitious company that cares about our clients’ business. We win when our clients win.

By hiring us - your project(s) will be taken care of. You can focus on building business and sales and leave all the technical things to us.

Sponsorship in October 2021