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UpHouse is a marketing agency that elevates in-house marketing teams and the brands they promote.

We’re located at the halfway point between outside advertising agency and a member of your in-house marketing department. We work closely with clients to understand their strategic business objectives, support their marketing team and improve their output. We also challenge our clients as an agency would, bringing the outsider’s perspective and processes needed to elevate the brand and achieve sales goals.

You’re the expert in your business and audience. We bring outside perspective and additional creative and marketing expertise. Let’s collaborate to invigorate your brand position, create achievable marketing plans and cultivate the skills of your creative people.

Some of our services: 

Creative Bootcamp
Our Creative Boot Camp will light a fire in the bellies of your in-house marketing team and help them develop new, highly-original creative concepts. 

Cross-business Brainstorming
Engage a larger network of creative professionals to help solve your business challenge, or participate in a session for another company.

Creative Director on Call 
Raise your in-house marketing team’s quality of work. Get a creative director’s eyes on  a project before it goes out the door.

Marketing Manual
Get robust marketing plan that you can implement with or without us, and achieve your sales and marketing goals for the year.

Digital Visibility Plan
Use digital channels to stay in view with marketing that delights, educates and rewards your customers.

Incomparable Branding
Become incomparable in your product category to attract and retain customers and give your brand staying power.

Big Idea Development
Get a creative concept for your next campaign that will engage the hearts (and wallets) of your customers.

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